The Punjab education endowment fund (PEEF) has been allocating so many scholarships in the last few years and this year 2019-2020, the Punjab education endowment has promised up to 20% scholarships just for masters level scholarship.

The Punjab education endowment also is known as PEEF, scholarships are granted and awarded to talented, achieving and deserving students who are enrolled partnered universities with the PEEF and postgraduate universities( government). though there is an eligibility criterion for this scholarship program.

Scholarships are grants offered to eligible students on many different criterions; something that makes the scholarship money ideal is that you don’t have to return it, unlike student loans. There are many different types of scholarships, though the most common ones are academic-based, meritorious-based and need-based scholarships.

There are plenty of scholarship programs available in Punjab, Pakistan. But one of the most prestigious scholarships in Asia is the Punjab education endowment scholarship also known as PEEF.


Since this is one of the most prestigious scholarships in Asia, there is a pretty competitive eligibility criterion. Here some of the most basic point:
You need to be a permanent resident of the Punjab domicile (anywhere in Punjab)

You need to have at least 60% marks in your federal exams or a GPA of 2.5 or equivalent in your bachelor’s degree.
You need to be enrolled in a full-time masters program in any of the partnered universities or a government university.
You will be eligible for the need-based scholarship if the monthly income of your parents is less than or equal to 30,000 Pakistani rupees. Also if you are a child of a murdered civilian, you can simply apply for the need-based scholarship if you are eligible for the academic requirements.

  1. PEEF Scholarships for Intermediate, Master and Undergraduate 2019
  2. PEEF scholarship for Intermediate 2019

Note: Students who already have MA/MSc/MS/Mphill are not eligible for the scholarship(s)


The PEEF scholarship scheme has allocated many partnered universities and mostly all government universities to grand eligible students scholarships and grants for them to chase their dreams.
As far as the application process is concerned, you can simply download the scholarship application from the PEEF website. Submit before the respective deadline and wait for the acceptances. You will be notified via your phone number, text message and email that you have been a lucky winner.

If you are applying as a private candidate on your own, private or directly submitted applications will not be entertained.


For the following year 2019 to 2020, the scholarship scheme will pay 100% tuition fee for the lucky winners and the awardees will also get a monthly allowance to spend between 3,000 to 5,000/- Pakistani rupees.
The scholarship funds are distributed on a biannual basis to the universities and bi-monthly to the students.

The PEEF scholarship committee directly deals with your respective university for the calculation of the tuition fee, saving you the hassle.
Since this is one of the most esteemed scholarships, the competition is very high.

The next scholarship stipend will only be released if your academic performance has been decent the previous month, this also means having at least 80% attendance in the previous month. An assessment report will be submitted to the PEEF committee every month regarding your academic performance.

The scholarships are offered until the whole degree is completed in which the student is enrolled. However, if the student fails to maintain the required GPA or academic performance, or if the student is involved in any non-disciplinary acts, the university or the government has all the right to take away their scholarship.

Here is some of the PEEF Scholarships:

  1. PEEF Scholarships for Intermediate, Master and Undergraduate 2019
  2. PEEF scholarship for Intermediate 2019
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