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  • Gates scholarships are announced every year for non-developing and in specific African countries.
  • Bill Gates and his wife Melinda gates owned this Non-Profit scholarship organization.
  • Bill gates give $30 Billion in Good well works.
  • We listed the scholarship for students information from Bill-Melinda Foundation.

A scholarship is an award or a type of financial aid that is granted to students for further enhancement in their academic careers. Most scholarships are based on factors like academic performances, extracurricular activities, and high potentials etc. speaking of grants, one of the biggest most prestigious scholarships in the United Kingdom is the gates Cambridge scholarship (for international students). You can check Full list of scholarships


The gates Cambridge scholarship was initiated by Bill and Melinda Gates with the funding of 210Million dollars, this has been one of the biggest funds ever done to a British university. This scholarship is specifically for international students all over the globe, anyone other than British nationals. The Gates Cambridge scholarship was initiated to make relationships better between cultures and also to fulfill the academic careers of many post-graduate students. MBA Scholarship, UK 2019

The awardees will be given funding throughout their tenure and they can choose from any major offered at the University of Cambridge. The first applicants arrived in October 2001 and the Gates Cambridge scholarship program celebrated their 10th anniversary in July of 2010. The lucky awardees will be given full tuition support at the University of Cambridge throughout the duration followed by monthly allowances, economy airway tickets, and travel funds.

It has been said that the Gates Cambridge scholarship very similar to Oxford University’s Rhodes scholarship. Though it has been awarded in a much-centralized form, the duration of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a lot more flexible and as it is said to be a lot more competitive than most American scholarships.

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First things first, you need to be a citizen of any country outside the UK in order to apply for the Gates Cambridge scholarship. From the years 2001 to 2013(first 13 years) 1236 students we awarded scholarships from 95 different countries all around the globe and as the state, only 40% of them were American nationals and 44.5% of them were German citizens.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships For International Students, 2019

There are no such minimum GPA criteria for the Gates Cambridge scholarship, though most of the awardees have an average of 3.92 and 98+ percentile (it mostly rages from 3.92 to 4.0). In order to apply all your LSAT/GRE/GMAT test scores should be submitted, these are mostly in the 98+ percentile. With the following scores many recommendation letters from your employers, communities must be submitted too.

The Gates Cambridge scholarship doesn’t only look into your GPA but instead, they also look for many other factors such as high potentials, creativity etc. The applications for Gates Cambridge scholarships are very competitive and less than 3% of applications get selected every year out of the 4000 applicants.

As this is an international cultural program, you are expected to have good leadership skill, communication skills, adaptability and flexibility with many different people and cultures. Despite the tough competition every year applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances. The deadline for October 2019 is the 10th of October!      

Speaking of the high academic potentials, unfortunately, these are some programs that do not qualify for the Gates Cambridge scholarship for the international student: Part-time degrees, non-degree courses, MD doctor (medicine- 6 years program, part-time), BA affiliated, BA (undergraduate) and any other clinical studies.

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One of the major reasons why the Gates Cambridge scholarship for international students was successful because of the high-end funding of 210m dollars and throughout the year’s many awardees have been granted the golden opportunity to study in the prestigious Cambridge University.

During your stay at the University of Cambridge, you will meet many different people of various different cultures and there you will learn a lot about leadership, flexibility and explore a whole new world of opportunities!
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